Post Secondary Institutions
Staff and Faculty Training Workshops

"Supporting Students Struggling with Mental Health Difficulties: Challenges and Strategies" was developed for faculty and staff, who, in the course of their work, encounter students experiencing personal difficulties that are a cause for concern. This workshop along with an accompanying practical handbook cover many important issues designed to help staff respond appropriately to students in difficulty. This includes:

  • The kinds of difficulties post secondary students may experience
  • A brief overview of the most common mental health problems and their impact on school performance
  • Guidelines to help staff and faculty recognize when students need help
  • Proactive strategies for approaching students – protocols, boundaries and limitations
  • Practical advice and strategies to intervene in non-emergency situations
  • Protocol for difficult situations
  • Advice to help faculty and staff identify the most appropriate resources for referral, (including making referrals: when, how and to whom?)
  • Personal resilience strategies
  • Guide to achieving cooperation
  • Case consultations

I continue to work closely with each College or University in conjunction with their Human Resources Departments and Counseling staff to include specific resources unique to each educational facility. I have a strong intercultural component that I include when it is requested.


Vancouver Film School
Benjamin Colling, Director of Admissions and Student Services

We have worked with Beverley Kort for over two years and have always been impressed with how she "gets it." She actually "gets" everything, managing to reach out to individuals she works with in helping them with their personal issues while at the same time being able to assist organizations such as us with their attempts to better understand and assist their student's mental health issues.

Beverley has helped our staff to normalize the issues our students face and has empowered them with confidence and knowledge so that they can assist the individuals they oversee.

Beverley seems to know exactly what to do in each situation be it an emergency or a group committee meeting. Her balanced approach is always well informed, current, and calm and is always taken with seriousness by everyone she interacts with.

We thank her for helping our school reach out to our students that have struggled with mental health issues. We now have a more balanced approach to dealing with these issues and our students have benefited greatly as a result.

Douglas Community College
North Vancouver, BC
Staff and Faculty

Very useful information. Helped to provide personal insight as well as insight about how to deal with students in challenging situations or who may be struggling with mental health challenges.

Very well organized and lots of information. Useful. Thank you.

Very useful and informative. Focused on instructor attitudes and options. Very helpful. Nice, even delivery.

Good interesting presentation. Good interaction with group. Two part workshop with 2nd part involving small group interaction.

Clearly outlined what we would be learning in the workshop. Good handouts so didn't need to write a lot and could concentrate on presentation. This class should be mandatory for all faculty.

This workshop should be mandatory for faculty and staff rather than an optional PD session.


Vancouver Community College
Maggie Ross, Human Rights Coordinator

As an expert in student mental health issues, Beverly Kort has been a tremendous resource for Vancouver Community College. She has provided workshops to faculty and staff designed to enhance awareness and understanding of student mental health concerns and to provide workshop participants with practical suggestions which foster effective and companionate responses to students. I would highly recommend Beverley for any of your mental health-related training needs.