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Vancouver Psychologist - Counselling and Therapy for Individuals and Couples

Life issues such as depression, anxiety, phobias, chronic pain, anger issues, stress, past traumas, personal relationships, physical pain, chronic health difficulties, and a vast array of problems can interfere with a productive and enjoyable life and a sense of well-being. These and many other psychological issues can prevent you from achieving your life goals successfully.

If you are looking for a therapist, you may be experiencing some of these difficulties:

  • you feel overwhelmed by life problems
  • anxiety, anger or depression are taking over your life
  • you have come to an impasse with a major life descision
  • you are having difficulty with important relationships
  • your job is too stressful and you are having work related problems
  • you, a member of your family or a friend, are coping with a serious illness
  • you are in the midst of a transition or loss - death, divorce, retirement, immigration, parenthood and are having trouble adjusting to the changes

My approach to therapy is focused more on the present than a lengthy exploration of the past. Determining your goals from the first meeting helps to make the most out of each session. We take into consideration your strengths and areas of competence and apply them to how you would like things to change in the future. At times it may be important to understand your current problems in a historical context - this is done in order to determine how you may have come to be stuck in this particular way and how best to deal with it in the present, and more importantly, how to overcome them in the future.

My practice of therapy concentrates on the present and can lead to a better future rather than what is missing and causing you to be unhappy. Many people report that therapy has helped them:

  • feel more confident about the future
  • have more satisfying relationships with friends, family
    members and intimate partners
  • manage their moods and feelings more effectively
  • feel more like "themselves" again
  • enjoy life in a new way with greater options for the future
  • resolve unfinished business (emotional traumas, etc)
  • be more resilient when dealing with stress

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